Lapsodi – Time lapse / Stop motion


Still doing lots of steps to create Time-Lapse movies? Lapsodi should be an answer to reduce redundant steps on creating Time-Lapse movies. Just drop a sequence of images into the app, adjust the sliders as you like if you want, then “Export” to go.

Lapsodi allows you to create breathtaking time lapse movies / stop motion movies from sequence of image files.

New feature in Lapsodi 1.2 – Light Trailing

Create star trails time lapse movie instantly with Light Trailing slider.

Or night road time lapse.


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A photo app for people with deficient color vision.


Photography is one of my hobbies for these 3 years. But color matching often annoys me due to my color vision. I am colorblind and have difficulty differentiating between colors.

Sabacan was private tool developed to help myself matching colors between photos some months ago. The application might be useful to people who enjoy photography (especially with deficient color vision), it now available on the Mac App Store. You can inspect the color of selected area in photo, compare the numbers with another ones, or see result of quick hue / saturation matching.

Download Sabacan

Feel free to send me any feedback.

My hatred of unaligned images in a row

I have no idea how many people are hatred of unaligned images in a row but sure I am one of them. Please use this application when you align images in a row.



Tunacan, a simple image concatenator originally just designed for my use, is now available on the Mac App Store for free with brand new experimental user interface. Drag images from Finder, adjust spacing between images, “Export” to write them into a combined PNG file. Images are resized automatically, so that they can fit into one row. Enjoy animation and sound feedbacks on your every single action. They have no effect on exported image though.

Tunacan – Image Concatenator

Rally45 is out.

scrshot7I am happy to announce that a new rally game is now available on the Mac App Store!

  • Easy operation: Use the arrow keys to control your car.
  • Internet Rankings: Beat rivals around the world in time trial.
  • Movie Exporter: Export your beautiful drifting to movie and share with your friends.
  • 2 Cars / 3 Courses.

Download it FREE now!