Renzoku Drums

Today, new drums application for Mac has been released on the Mac App Store. Renzoku drums is a drums loop sequencer with pattern selector. It was designed for drums track making, jamming, and daily musical instrument training.

5 thoughts on “Renzoku Drums”

  1. This app has great potential. However, there aren’t any instructions on how to create strikes of different intensity. It is apparently possible, given the different coloured dots. If you select dots, they disappear, then when you press the position again, another dot appears, but only one coloured dot ever appears for the user.

  2. More Info:
    How does the app work on a Mac ?
    What about the sound, tempo, recording, can this app be used with garageband ?
    Is there a video ?

  3. Kinda neat. Can’t seem to figure out how to change the intensity of a strike. Would be nice if you could setup more than one measure of beats.

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