Tremolo effect in SkyEater OO Pro 1.2 and SkyEater Poly 1.2

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SkyEater OO Pro ver. 1.2 and SkyEater Poly ver. 1.2 will have new tremolo effect. Updates submitted to the App Store and will come soon.

2 thoughts on “Tremolo effect in SkyEater OO Pro 1.2 and SkyEater Poly 1.2”

  1. I very much enjoy the new update. Definitely worth the $2.

    However, it is missing some critical features.
    Suggestions for future updates:

    Waveshape options for Triangle, Sine, Square, Saw
    Filter controls
    Reverb controls
    Larger octave range

    If It had all that, I would pay an extra few dollars. Other than that, great job! I hope to enjoy more of your work in the future.

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